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Earth Wise has access to some of the most efficient, proven and reliable technologies in the world. Please let us know how we can assist you with by providing us some basic info. We don't like to waste anyone's time if the opportunity isn't mutually beneficial.

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Pellet Furnaces

The power of pellets

Wood pellets are 100% sawdust, a by-product from furniture makers, saw, paper and other mills, and otherwise destined for landfills. The sawdust is compressed and formed into 1/4-inch diameter cylinders and packaged in 40 lb. bags.

Earth Wise Heat - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ Pellets


Efficient heat from wood pellets that supports local economy.

The 20 kW Renovator unit has approximately 68,000 BTU.

Automatic ignition for heat on demand.

Air Cleaned Firepot to help keep maintenance to a minimum and retain high efficiency.

Easily connects to existing systems, convert your fossil fuel heat to pellets for independence from foreign oil.

Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.

Low maintenance, just makes life easier.

Compact design that easily fits into tight areas.

Burn back protection to keep everyone safe.