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Earth Wise has access to some of the most efficient, proven and reliable technologies in the world. Please let us know how we can assist you with by providing us some basic info. We don't like to waste anyone's time if the opportunity isn't mutually beneficial.

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Wood Boilers

Earth Wise Heat - Wood Pellet Fuel, Wood Shavings, Animal Bedding, Wood Flour, Biomass Fuel, BBQ Pellets


Automatic ash extraction and soot blowing

Remotely monitor and control via the web

Customizable control system and user friendly display board


Burns CO2-neutral wood fuel

Efficient, safe

Achieves 92% LHV efficiency using digital modulating-output control

Delivers maximum Btu for more usable heat

Firebrick-lined combustion chamber

Separate fans for primary and secondary combustion air

No fuels enter any building or grounds area to limit smoke, soot, fire hazards or carbon monoxide buildup


Grate elements are made from durable cast chrome steel

Underfed burner integrated into the boiler foundation